Russia to Build Jordan Nuclear Plant

Russia to Build Jordan Nuclear PlantRussia to Build Jordan Nuclear Plant

Rosatom, the atomic energy corporation in Russia, has signed a project development agreement with Jordan Atomic Energy Commission to build a 2,000-MW nuclear power plant in the Zarqa province of Jordan.

The project phase, which has now started, will lead to a contract for nuclear power plant construction, which is likely to be signed in two years, TradeArabia quoted the statement from the Russian firm as saying.

“The agreement provides for design of the water cooling system, feasibility study, oversight of the site evaluation process, and environmental impact assessment,” stated Khaled Toukan, the chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, after signing the deal with Dzhomart Aliev, the CEO of Rosatom Overseas.

These activities, which are fully funded by the Jordanian Government, will have to be completed within two to three years, he added.

Sergey Kirienko, the CEO of Rosatom, lauded both the Russian and Jordanian specialists for finding a very good site to build the nuclear power plant which features low seismic impact and good geology.

“The Jordanian government has managed to find a solution for the plant water supply. We have made analysis and can confirm that this is an absolutely feasible water supply solution,” he added.