Production Starts at New Oilfield

Production Starts at New Oilfield
Production Starts at New Oilfield

Production from Mansourabad oilfield, in Bangestan formation, has commenced for the first time, said technical manager of the National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC).

Following technical assessments of the new oil field's location, production began after drilling operations in well number 10 of Mansourabad oilfield, Hamid Daris was quoted by IRIB as saying. Well number 10 has a production capacity of 1,000 barrels of oil per day.

Drilling of the well number 11 is aimed at determining the reservoir's formation and production prospects of the field. Drilling, which was terminated recently, indicates oil production potential.

Assessments on well number 11 will support reservoir data and facilitate further development and production plans.

Mansurabad field is located 10 kilometers northeast of Behbahan County in the southern Khuzestan Province. Discovered back in 1977, the field's in-place reserve is estimated at 3 billion barrels.

Bangestan is among the country's deepest hydrocarbon layers after Asmari, all stretched along the Zagros Mountains in the southwestern region.

In the southwest of Iran, Bangestan Group sediments consist of organic matter, rich limestone and a thick pile of shales.