Skilled Workers Unemployed

Skilled Workers UnemployedSkilled Workers Unemployed

Pointing to the growth in electricity and water industries in the last two decades as well as the importance of entering global markets, Alireza Daemi, assistant director of planning and economic affairs of the energy ministry reiterated that there are no job vacancies for the skilled workforce in the country; however, there is a need for them in other countries, ISNA reported.

He expressed hope that upon clinching Lausanne deal, challenges will end and Iran can have a stronger presence in the world markets. There are great capacities in Iran's energy sector which can be utilized in other markets, he added.

Referring to the rise in the production levels in the electricity and water industries, Daemi noted," these two sectors enjoy specialized workforce and have experts who have high abilities in building both turbines and power plants; furthermore, our neighbors are in need of such expertise."

Underlining Iran's capability in building wastewater treatment plants, Daemi said that production capacity is limited due to sanctions. More than 150 thousand people are engaged in electricity and water sectors; besides, as soon as the international climate is more favorable, more opportunities will be created and “we can play a more effective role in helping other states.”

 The official announced that Iran is not only building power and wastewater treatment plants but also laying pipelines in Iraq, Sri lanka, Indonesia and Africa.