Mapna Will Build Power Plant in Kish

Mapna Will Build Power Plant in KishMapna Will Build Power Plant in Kish

Mapna Group has been assigned with construction of Kish gas field's 25 megawatt (MW) power plant, managing director, Abbas Aliabadi, was quoted by Shana News Agency as saying on Tuesday.

The project will be completed in one year subsequent to receiving a notification from the Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) as the field's operator.

Mapna had been informed of its participation in the project in advance and started with preliminary activities, including engineering services and preliminary arrangements for procurement of equipment and machinery.

Kish Island's electricity network is not connected to the mainland, and the Island's only power plant cannot meet its total demand, necessitating construction of a new plant.

PEDEC, as the development arm of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), was established in 1994 for implementation of NIOC's oil and gas projects.

Mapna is comprised of a group of Iranian companies involved in construction of energy production machinery, including boilers, gas and steam turbines, electrical generators, as well as industrial scale petroleum processing installations, railway locomotives and wind power.

Kish gas field, located below Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, is the largest independent gas field in Iran. Development plan of the field has been divided into three phases each with production capacity of one billion cubic feet (18.3 million cubic meters) of gas per day.