Power Plants Overhaul Time Down by 60%

Power Plants Overhaul Time Down by 60%Power Plants Overhaul Time Down by 60%

The time for implementation of power plant overhaul has dropped by nearly 60 percent of its previous level, technical director of the Power Generation Transmission & Distribution Management Company (Tavanir) said, IRIB News Agency reported.

Implementing major overhauls took around 90 days in the past, yet it has now been reduced to 30-40 days, Gholamreza Mehrdad said, underlining the figure as a significant achievement for the electricity industry.

Iran's power consumption on average has an 8-percent rise annually, yet the production capacity doubles every 10 years. "Manpower for the implementation of overhauls ought to increase in line with the rise in power consumption and production capacity."

The official said Iran has made progress in manufacturing power plant equipment, including steam and gas turbine blades as well as different types of compressors.

Reducing power wastage in the production, transfer and distribution networks in addition to enhancing the efficiency of power plants are the primary goals pursued by both Tavanir and the energy ministry.

Over the past year, energy wastage was curbed by more than 3 percent, reaching 12.8 percent; furthermore, plans call for reducing it to below 10 percent in the present year.