Oil Storage Capacity Up 550m Liters

Oil Storage Capacity Up 550m LitersOil Storage Capacity Up 550m Liters

An estimated 550 million liters have been added to the country's oil storage capacity with construction of three new storage facilities, managing director of the National Oil Products Distribution Company said Saturday.

"We now have enough storage space for gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil and gasoil," Nasser Sajjadi stated, adding that oil products storage capacity has increased 1.3 billion liters in the past three years, IRNA reported.

Three new oil storage facilities were constructed this year in Mahshahr (300 ml), Shiraz (170 ml) and Malayer (70 ml), the NIOPDC official stated. New such facilities are also planned to be built in other parts of the country in the next Iranian year (begins March 21), Sajjadi said, pointing to Urmia (130 ml) and Birjand (100 ml) as NIOPDC's next big storage enhancement projects.

On the debts owed by Iranian airlines to NIOPDC, Sajjadi said the amount has not gone beyond 7,500 billion rials for the past year. "The number has not increased because we have been receiving fuel payments regularly from the airlines over the past few months," he noted.