Total Lifting of Sanctions Stressed

Total Lifting of Sanctions StressedTotal Lifting of Sanctions Stressed

The foreign ministry reiterated the country's "explicit and transparent" stance that a prospective final deal on Iran's nuclear program, which is currently under negotiation with major powers, should consider "the complete removal of sanctions."

"Iran's stance on the complete removal of sanctions is explicit and transparent," the foreign ministry spokesperson said in a weekly press conference on Wednesday, adding, "The negotiating sides should take this into consideration."

Marzieh Afkham said technical, political and legal aspects are being discussed with a focus on the sanctions. The talks are exclusively focused on the nuclear issue and "no other subject" is included, IRNA reported.

Pointing to the "avarice" in the other parties to the negotiations, Afkham said, "It has been shown that avarice (on the other side) makes the Iranian nation more resolved to achieve their goals in line with promotion of regional peace and stability."

In an answer to a question regarding Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's address to the US Congress on the nuclear talks and Israel's concern over the growing influence of Iran in the region, she said, "We attach no significance to (his) remarks," adding, "We negotiate based on our national interests, and a good deal is one that takes full account of our rights."

Iran's "spiritual influence" is a reality and it is an "effective and significant power" in the region. Tehran is determined to use its power to enhance regional stability and security, she said.

Asked about the involvement of the country's commanders in Iraq's military operations against the self-declared Islamic State (IS), the spokesperson said Iran's role in Iraq has been limited to providing military advisors.