WTE Plant Launched in South Tehran

WTE Plant Launched in South TehranWTE Plant Launched in South Tehran

A 200-ton waste-to-energy (WTE) power plant went on stream in Kahrizak District, southern Tehran, with cooperation of the Bank Refah Kargaran and the help of Chinese finance, IRIB reported.

The project was carried out by T.T.S. Group and funded by Chinese investors, while Bank Refah Kargaran provided part of the finances. The plant was constructed at a cost of $12 million plus 160 billion rials ($4.7 million).

The construction of the WtE plant started last year, and it came on stream three months ago. Initial operation commenced December 25, 2014.

It is capable of incinerating and converting 200 tons of waste into electricity per day, and generating three megawatts of power per hour.

There is a national need for energy sources that avoid the use of fossil fuel, and reduce greenhouse gases.

WtE offers a good alternative, with the ability to deliver on these specifications, while also providing a safe and reliable means of household trash disposal.

To attract private investors the energy ministry has increased the price of electricity produced by WtE units to 4,400 rials ($0.12), and has guaranteed its purchase.

The government is trying to diversify its source of energy, by generating electricity from wind, solar, and now WTE plants. The investment is mostly expected to come from private and foreign investors.

Construction of five advanced wastewater treatment plants on the Persian Gulf coast using Chinese finance was finalized in December.