Energy Management Plans Introduced

Energy Management Plans Introduced Energy Management Plans Introduced

The government has devised 42 plans aimed at fulfilling the objectives of the 'Resistance Economy', said deputy energy minister for planning and economic affairs.

A total of 18 projects in the electricity sector and 24 water projects will save the economy billions of dollars, Alireza Daemi was quoted by IRIB as saying.

Resistance Economy is a set of guidelines proposed by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to counter the sanctions, promote domestic growth and reduce consumption.

The new initiative includes five water management projects, seven plans concerning development of water supply infrastructure, seven plans on increasing efficiency of water distribution network, and five plans to optimize water consumption patterns.

Meanwhile, the energy ministry's initiative includes two plans aimed at raising power plants' efficiency, four plans for enhancing electricity exports, eight plans to revise electricity management procedures, and another four plans devised to increase share of renewable energy.  

One of the crucial challenges the energy ministry faces regarding implementation of the Resistance Economy is to increase efficiency in water and energy sectors, which entails increasing energy conversion rate in power plants. Measures taken in combined-cycle power plants have resulted in improvement of energy conversion rate from the previous 0.37 percent to 0.45 percent, which is "a significant achievement," Daemi noted.

Current efficiency of power plants across the country is estimated to be around 37 percent, but the energy ministry has plans to enhance the efficiency by attracting private sector investment and introducing new projects.

Optimum use of energy resources is critical for realization of the Resistance Economy, and therefore, relevant provisions were included in the current year's budget (ends March 21) as well as in next year's. Note 2(G) of the budget provides for the government to guarantee reimbursement of any expenditure induced as a result of energy conservation plans.  

The energy ministry has announced plans to convert 6,300 MW power plants into combined-cycle ones, which experts say use both gas and steam turbines to produce up to 50 percent more electricity from the same fuel than traditional power plants.