Sweden Eyes Large Wind Turbines

Sweden Eyes Large Wind Turbines
Sweden Eyes Large Wind Turbines

A Sweden-based company that develops deepwater wind power projects has joined hands with a global renewable energy group to develop an offshore wind farm that could feature turbines as large as 30 megawatts.
Freja Offshore, a joint venture between Sweden’s Hexicon and Mainstream Renewable Power, part of Norway’s Akers Horizon group, on June 22 said it has submitted an application for an offshore wind farm in Sweden that could have between 2,000 MW and 2,500 MW of installed capacity, Powermag website reported.
The companies in a report on the project for Swedish officials said the installation would feature turbines of at least 15 MW, with an eye toward using turbines as large as 30 MW.
Turbines of 30 MW in size are not yet available, but the developers said they expect such units will be manufactured by 2030. 
The JV said that expectation aligns with the project’s development timeline. The largest known offshore wind turbine built to date is an 18-MW model from China State Shipbuilding Corp.
IberBlue Wind, a JV between groups based in Ireland and Spain, in April said it planned two offshore wind farms using 18-MW turbines in waters between Spain and Portugal.

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