Spain’s Renewable Power to Exceed 50 Percent in 2023

Spain’s Renewable Power to  Exceed 50 Percent in 2023
Spain’s Renewable Power to  Exceed 50 Percent in 2023

Spain is on track to generate more than half of its power from renewable sources this year, the first of the top five European countries by power demand to accomplish this feat, according to Rystad Energy forecasts. 
The country will reach the significant decarbonization milestone this year, with renewable-sourced generation surpassing the 50% average in 2023, beating France, Germany, Italy and the UK to this record, Rystad Energy reported.
Spain has been one of the long-time leaders in the European renewables sector, making substantial investments in solar and wind capacity over the last 10 years.
In particular, the country was an early adopter of onshore wind, the technology of which accounts for more than 20% of Spain’s power generation. 
Significant solar PV investments have also ramped up capacity and related generation in recent years. 
Hydropower, which used to be Spain's largest source of renewable energy, accounts for approximately 10% of its total generation today.
Motivated by the goal to transition toward cleaner energy sources, Spain has made significant strides in reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. 
While natural gas currently serves as the primary source of the country’s fossil fuel-powered generation, Spain has made remarkable progress in phasing out coal-fired generation. 
In addition, its nuclear power plants continue to provide a stable baseload, with a planned phase-out scheduled for 2035.

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