Talks With Russia, Lebanon on Water Projects

Talks With Russia, Lebanon on Water ProjectsTalks With Russia, Lebanon on Water Projects

Iran will cooperate with Lebanon and Russia in construction of dams as well as underground water reservoir assessments, it was announced during a ministerial meeting held Saturday.

Iranian firms are ready to cooperate in construction of Lebanese dam projects, transferring Iranian expertise, energy minister Hamid Chitchian said following his meeting with the Lebanese minister of environment in Tehran.

Participation of Iranian firms, however, is contingent on technical assessments to be carried out in the near future. Iran will fully offer Lebanon its technical expertise, Chitchian said.

"The meeting provided opportunity for the two parties to discuss water issues, including drought, dam construction, and water pollution," said the energy minister, adding, "We have agreed to share experience in this regard."

Iran is the third leading country in dam construction, operating projects in 40 countries, deputy energy minister Sattar Mahmoudi said earlier. The country's dam building capacity has significantly improved in the past three decades, with some 200 contracting companies, 70 consultant firms and 30 corporations as well as hundreds of hydroelectric manufacturing units having been established inside the country.

Thirty Iranian firms have undertaken 88 global water and electricity projects worth $4.3 billion, including projects in South American nations such as Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela.