Power Use at Record High

Power Use at Record High
Power Use at Record High

Electricity consumption reached an historic high in Iran on Tuesday but no blackouts were reported across the country, the spokesman of the power industry said.
“Due to the rising temperature, electricity consumption reached 69,458 megawatts during daytime, the highest of all times and breaking the record of 69,278 MW/day set last month,” Mostafa Rajabi-Mashhadi was quoted as saying by IRNA.
“On Tuesday night too the highest record was set at 65,485 MW, exceeding the previous high of 65,357 MW,” Rajabi-Mashhadi added.
As the sweltering heat continues, the official urged households and industries to cooperate and use power more judiciously, especially during peak hours to prevent possible blackouts in the coming weeks.
To help reduce consumption, household subscribers can follow some simple solutions, he said. They can operate evaporative coolers at lower speed, set the temperature of split air-conditioners to 24 degrees and avoid appliances with high electricity consumption during peak hours (12-17 pm).
When the hot summer set in June, government offices in some provinces were ordered to open earlier in the morning and close at midday to help reduce power use.
Iran has experienced electricity supply and demand imbalances over the past three years mainly because of a surge in energy-intensive cryptocurrency mining and extensive use of natural gas for manufacturing and in households.
Low rainfall is also contributing to the power problem because less electricity is generated by hydroelectric plants.

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