Portable Solar Panels Manufactured

Portable Solar Panels Manufactured Portable Solar Panels Manufactured

The technology to manufacture portable solar power generators has been indigenized in Iran, said an official at the Iran Power Generation and Transmission Company (Tavanir), Mehr news agency reported.

Manufacturing portable solar power generators is estimated to cost approximately $250 per panel, Valioddin Maslahati-Sharabiani said, noting that portable solar panels are the only solution to supply power to remote and untraversable rural areas.

The government aims to develop electricity networks to cover all rural areas, with renewable resources having the priority. Some 602 districts have joined the initiative to foster solar energy generation, according to the official.

A total of 153 villages, with 1,600 households, were supplied electricity through renewables, at a cost of $5.5 million. However, there are still 1,200 villages deprived of electricity, comprising 600 nomads, and thus electricity is to be supplied to them through portable solar panels. "Meetings were held with the Iranian Organization for Nomads Affairs in this regard." Nomads will receive the panels free of charge.

The technology was indigenized by Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) of East Azarbaijan Province. "The appliance is light and portable, comprised of a 300-watt panel and a rechargeable battery," Maslahati-Sharbiani said. The current price of 8.5 million rials ($250 at market rate) will be reduced once mass production commences next year.

Applicants in Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari Province are expected to receive 50 panels by yearend (March 21).

Iran needs to generate 5,000 MW of renewable energy through 2015 as stipulated in the Fifth Five-Year Economic Development Plan (2011-16). While the share of renewable resources in the country’s total energy production currently stands at almost 0.5%, the number is expected to reach 5 percent in the next four years.

With more than 300 sunny days throughout the year, Iran is among the most suitable regions in the world for solar energy generation.