TM Oblivious to Water Crisis

A lot more needs to be done to make water managers realize that for restoring groundwater resources, replacing well water with treated wastewater is more effective than pushing (unsuccessfully) for judicious consumption, avoiding waste or cloud seeding
TM Oblivious to Water Crisis
TM Oblivious to Water Crisis

The National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company of Iran (Abfa) is willing to annually supply 50 million cubic meters of treated wastewater to Tehran Municipality for parks and green spaces, the deputy head of operations of the at company said.
“Abfa warnings notwithstanding, large volumes of reclaimed sewage from nine wastewater treatment facilities in the capital are dumped into canals and plains because of the lack of infrastructure to transfer it to the 2,000 parks in and around Tehran that cover almost 11% of the megacity’s area,” Morteza Ehteshami was quoted as saying by IRNA.
Wastewater reuse has been universally recognized as a necessary and pragmatic solution to the water crisis. However, it is regrettable that municipalities, industries and farmers in Iran’s dry and arid regions including Tehran, Hormozgan and South Khorasan insist on extracting water from depleting ground tables rather than tap into unconventional sources that is not only available but can easily meet their need, he rued.


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