Sealing of Illegal Wells Continues in Ardabil

Sealing of Illegal Wells Continues in Ardabil
Sealing of Illegal Wells Continues in Ardabil

Since the beginning of the current Iranian year (March 21), 62 illegal water wells in the agriculture sector of Ardabil Province have been sealed, said the director of the Office for Conservation of Water resources at the provincial regional water company.
“Sealing the unauthorized wells has helped save about 1 million cubic meters of water during the first half of the year,” Davar Bastam was also quoted as saying by the Energy Ministry’s news portal Paven.
The official noted that in the first six months of the year, 160 smart meters have been installed on the wells across the province.
The number of smart meters installed on water wells in the province in the past few years has exceeded 2,000, he added.
Equipping wells with the new system will help utility companies closely monitor water use online.
Smart wells are advanced wells with sensors and valves installed downhole to allow easy and systematic monitoring.
The injudicious use and waste of groundwater from legal and illegal wells have emerged as a major problem in Iran's struggle against the water crisis that has gotten worse over the past half century as precipitation declines and consumption rises.
According to provincial officials, the agricultural sector in Ardabil Province annually produces an estimated 4.5 million tons of products, including lentils, canola, potatoes, honey, sugarbeet, wheat and barley.
Potato, vegetables, food and dairy products are among the main exports of the province to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia and the UAE.

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