Hydroelectric Power Plant for Khorasan Razavi

Hydroelectric Power Plant for Khorasan Razavi
Hydroelectric Power Plant for Khorasan Razavi

The first small hydroelectric power plant in Khorasan Razavi Province was inaugurated on Wednesday, the head of the provincial water company said.
“Ardak Hydropower Plant, located 70 km from Mashhad, can generate 450 kilowatts of power per hour,” Mohammad Alaei was quoted as saying by Barq News.
A total of $20 million have been spent on Ardak power station.
The construction of Ardak dam, which helps generate power, started in April 2011 on Abghad and Mainmargh rivers. It can regulate 30 million cubic meters of water per year.
The launch of Ardak power station is in line with efforts to boost electricity generation from non-fossil fuel sources, including from hydropower, and reduce harmful emissions.
"Hydroelectric power plants in Iran have an installed capacity of 12,000 megawatts," he added.
Oil- and gas-rich Iran relies on fossil fuel power stations to meet more than 80% of its electricity demand. Iran’s total installed power generation capacity has reached 84,000 MW.
Such plants play a key role during power outages by quickly reestablishing supply and supporting other plants (mostly thermal).
At present, 56 hydroelectric power plants operate across the country and 15 more are under construction.
Regarding hydroelectric power capacity, Iran ranks 19th in the world and sixth in Asia. China is first in Asia and the world with 341,000 MW.
Domestic producers can manufacture over half of the equipment needed in hydropower stations.
According to the International Energy Agency, hydropower is expected to remain the world’s largest source of renewable electricity generation and play a critical role in decarbonizing the power system and improving system flexibility.
Over the next five years, hydropower capacity is projected to increase by 9%, led by China, India and Brazil. One-quarter of global growth is expected to come from just three megaprojects: two in China and one in Ethiopia. 
“As per the deal and to ensure sustainable development in mining industries, the private firm is obliged to supply iron ore mines in Khaf County in the province with water so that groundwater resources are not depleted,” Alaei said.

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