Nargesi Oilfield Development Project Near Completion

Nargesi Oilfield Development Project Near Completion
Nargesi Oilfield Development Project Near Completion

The drilling operations for four new wells as part of the development project to increase the production of Nargesi Oilfield in southern Iran has been completed.
With the pipe-laying process making 75% progress, the project is expected to be completed in two months and extraction will be launched by November, the National Iranian Oil Company’s website reported.
Costing about $8.3 million, the project seeks to increase the field production by 8,000 barrels of oil per day. 
According to a contract signed between the National Iranian South Oil Company and Dana Kish Drilling Company in 2019, the latter was tasked with the completion of the project in three years.
Almost 80% of the tools and equipment required for the project have been manufactured by domestic producers.
Earlier this year, NISOC announced productivity of Well No. 13 of Nargesi field, which made it possible to recover oil from Bangestan reservoir of the field with a flow rate of approximately 3,000 barrels per day.
Previously, oil was extracted only from the Asmari-Jahrom reservoir of Nargesi field and the reservoirs of Bangestan and Khami did not produce oil.
The Asmari-Jahrom reservoir of Nargesi field was discovered in 1974 by drilling Well No. 1 but it became productive in 1997. The amount of oil extracted from 12 wells in the field reached roughly 100 million barrels per day.
Nargesi Oilfield is located 70 km northeast of Bushehr Port at the southeastern tip of Dezful in Khuzestan Province and adjacent to Roudak, Solabdar and Golkhari fields.

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