Improved Water Quality for All Tehran Districts Next Year

Improved Water Quality for All Tehran Districts Next YearImproved Water Quality for All Tehran Districts Next Year

Tehran Comprehensive Water Supply Plan, dubbed Tehran Water Ring System, will be completed by next August and all districts will have access to the same water quality, Tehran’s governor said.
While water in the northern parts of Tehran is supplied from surface water, in the southern parts of the city comes from groundwater resources that are of low quality. With the completion of the new system, quality water will be supplied from surface resources, IRNA reported Isa Farhadi as saying
“With the launch of the ring system, water from treatment plants will enter one pipeline and be distributed with equal quality to all 22 districts,” he added.
The megaproject is near completion and will come online next summer to meet growing demand in the ever-expanding metropolis, the official noted.
Under the plan launched in mid-2015, 180 kilometers of pipelines have been laid to connect seven water treatment facilities and ensure stable water quality and quantity to the sprawling capital that has expanded in all four directions over the past half century.
Upon completion, if one water treatment plant is out of service other plant(s) will replace it.
Moreover, if water level in one dam is low at any given time, residents provided water from that dam will have no problem because the dams have been integrated.
Five dams, namely Amirkabir and Taleqan (in the west) as well as Latian, Lar and Mamlou (in the east) supply Tehran. The dams provide 70% of Tehran’s water and the remaining 30% comes from underground resources.

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