Parliament Urges Better Utilization of Energy Sector Potential

Parliament Urges Better Utilization of Energy Sector PotentialParliament Urges Better Utilization of Energy Sector Potential

The oil industry possesses a great potential, from exploration and drilling to refining and exports, to fulfill the objectives of the Economy of Resistance, a lawmaker said.

The energy committee of parliament held a meeting Tuesday to assess new initiatives for enforcement of the plan's guidelines by the oil and energy ministries.

During the meeting representatives of the two ministries presented reports regarding their plans in that regard. Iran's Leader issued a decree in 2013, outlining the general policies of the resistance economy. The decree encourages increased exports of electricity, gas, petrochemicals, and oil byproducts instead of crude oil and other raw materials, expansion of the production and exportation of knowledge-based products, increase in domestic production of strategic goods, and development of markets in neighboring countries.

Deputy energy committee chairman, Mohammad Ansari, said members of the committee believe that the two ministries should improve the way they utilize their resources to contribute more to the economic growth. "The oil and gas as well as the power industry can be of great help for the economy to limit the impact of sanctions on the economy," he said.

He further criticized continuation of dependence on oil revenues in the recent years, adding that other industries have suffered huge losses because of the overreliance on oil by past and present governments.