Iran Economic News Headlines - May 10

Iran Economic News Headlines - May 10
Iran Economic News Headlines - May 10

1. Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Abdolnasser Hemmati: Don’t make investment in the forex market based on political variables. (IRNA)
2. Afrouz Bahrami, managing director of Export Guarantee Fund of Iran: Depreciation of national currency offers an opportunity to improve exports. (IRNA)
3. Jamshid Barzegar, the head of Iranian Housing Mass Builders Association: One million homes should be built in Iran annually. (IRNA) 
4. Mohammad Baqer Nobakht, the head of Plan and Budget Organization: People will see the positive effects of subsidized foreign currency in the import of essential goods soon. (IRNA)
5. Managing Director of Iran’s MAPNA Industrial Group Abbas Aliabadi: Germany’s Siemens AG maintains its cooperation with MAPNA. (Fars News Agency)
6. Mohammad Reza Modoudi, caretaker of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran: We need to focus on exports to neighboring countries more than ever. (ICCIMA’s website)
7. Iranian Ambassador to India Ali Chegeni: India will decide on oil imports in the face of US sanctions as per its national interests, but New Delhi is not expected to ignore a reliable energy supplier such as Tehran. (IRNA)
8. Hadi Haqshenas, the deputy head of Ports and Maritime Organization: None of the Iranian vessels has been apprehended due to sanctions. (ILNA)
9. Farzaneh Sharafbafi, former chairwoman of Iran Air: Turkey will resume fuel supply to Iran Air planes as of May 10. (IRIB News)  
10. Deputy Economy Minister Mohammad Ali Dehqan: Tax exemption for exporters will be revoked, if they fail to repatriate their foreign currency earnings. (
11. Abbas Hashemi, director general of Metal Products and Home Appliances Department of Industries Ministry: Eighty-five percent of electrical appliances in the Iranian market are made locally. (IRNA)
12. Economy Minister Farhad Dejpasand: Unnecessary overhead costs should be removed in governmental agencies. (IRNA)
13. Deputy Industries, Mining and Trade Minister Jafar Sarqeini: Over 10 million tons in new capacity will be added to Iran’s steel production chain this year. (IRNA)
14. Minister of Industries, Mining and Trade Reza Rahmani: The government is planning to increase steel output to 28 million tons in the current [fiscal] year (March 2019-20). (IRNA)
15. Deputy Minister of Industries, Mining and Trade Khodadad Gharibpour: Last year’s [March 2018-19] exports by Iran’s mining sector exceeded $9 billion. (IRNA)
16. Deputy Roads Minister Maziyar Hosseini: The construction sector outpaces nearly every other economic sector when it comes to job creation. (IRNA)
17. Saeed Soltani, director general of the Central Union of Animal Husbandry: Middlemen pocket 60% of the retail prices of meat. (IRNA)
18. Kioumars Solgi, managing director of the Association of Housing Philanthropists: Our association is building 14,200 homes for persons with disabilities. (IRNA)
19. Hassan Forouzanfar, a senior member of Tehran Chamber of Commerce: Rain was God’s blessing for Iran’s drought-stricken areas while officials seemed content to sit on their hands regarding Iran's water shortage. ( 

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