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Google Rolls Back Android Messages to Old Design

Google Rolls Back Android Messages to Old DesignGoogle Rolls Back Android Messages to Old Design

On Thursday, it looked as though Google was starting to roll out a redesigned version of its vital Android Messages app. The update featured some visual changes like getting rid of the blue bar at the top and switching over to the company’s Google Sans font. It also included a dark mode as an alternative to the default, so-much-white look. But late last night, as Reddit users were quick to notice, Google reverted to the old Android Messages design—even for those who had already installed the most recent update, the Verge reported. Some users had complained about losing the option to assign custom colors to chat bubbles for their different contacts, but it is rather unlikely that Google would reverse course over that bit of feedback alone. Perhaps dark mode was causing some issues, or there was another bug the company discovered, or the revamped Messages started appearing before Google actually intended.


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