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Sega Announces Mega Drive Mini

Sega Announces Mega Drive MiniSega Announces Mega Drive Mini

At the recent Sega Festival 2018 event in Tokyo, Sega unveiled the new palm-sized Mega Drive Mini with plans to release it later this year. Released in the US as the Sega Genesis, the Mega Drive was originally released in Japan back in 1988. That makes the console 30 years old and is fitting timing for such a release, Forbes reported. Not much is known about the Mega Drive Mini as yet, but it looks like a micro-console in the same vein as Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic Editions. In that, the Mega Drive Mini will likely be a standalone console that can play on modern displays with games bundled on it. Now, if this sounds like something already available then you are not far off. There is already a Mega Drive related micro-console out there, but they are not made directly by Sega. These non-Sega micro-consoles also have somewhat of a bad reputation. The obvious difference here is that Sega looks to be handling this new Mega Drive Mini and that hopefully means the new micro-console will actually be decent.


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