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Iranian Application for College Students

Local Application for College Students Local Application for College Students

A local startup has launched a service that aims to help university students deal with their concerns and educational needs including providing books and other educational materials.

The platform called ‘Kalej’ (misspelled form of college) is currently available for Android and can be downloaded from the firm’s website and local app market Café Bazaar, news website Stshow reported.

Kalej is an online community that provides students with different services such as in-app chatting, online libraries, university student forum and book exchange services.

The app has a section in which students can share what they are reading and find new books based on the recommendations of peers. They can also check about course materials to find their needs as soon as possible.

Furthermore, through a teacher rating section, students can score professors’ manners, educational approaches, their scoring system and thus give others a better perspective.

It offers free and paid services. Students may need to buy books and pamphlets provided by others. Kalej is not restricted to students and teachers too can benefit  by uploading educational material like books and pamphlets and sell them through the application.

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