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Mobile Operators Warned Against Sending Ad Messages

Mobile Operators Warned Against Sending Ad MessagesMobile Operators Warned Against Sending Ad Messages

Iran’s Communications Regulatory Authority says mobile operators are not allowed to send advertisement text messages to their subscribers.

The ombudsman deputy director Hossein Fallah Joshaqani warned operators saying, “Operators are only allowed to send the bill alert notification to users,” ICTNA reported.

Noting that unwanted text message advertisements have become a nuisance to cellphone users, Joshaqani said, “We have received thousands of complaints regarding such messages sent out by operators. This is the last warning. In case operators fail to comply with the rules, CRA will resort to legal action.”

Earlier in November, the organization launched an automated online system through which subscribers can register complaints against numbers that send ads.

According to the CRA, numbers of companies that continue to send ad messages will be blocked.

The authority blocked close to 3,000 numbers in the first week after the system was launched.

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