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Irancell Expanding Presence in Rasht

Irancell Expanding Presence in RashtIrancell Expanding Presence in Rasht

Mobile operator MTN-Irancell is expanding its presence in the northern city of Rasht.

In a meeting between Irancell’s deputy director Mohammad Reza Mansouri and  Rasht Municipality officials, the operator agreed to install 24 cell towers in the city.

The municipality’s ICT chief Leila Aziz said, “Mobile network expansion is key to Rasht’s urban development.”

Irancell has proposed installing 16 microcells across the city. A microcell is a small mobile phone base station connected to the phone network via the Internet, which is typically used to enhance or extend the signal strength in a certain small area. The devices can be installed in crowded urban areas like train stations, airports and malls to guarantee continued connectivity.

Collaboration between Irancell and Rasht Municipality is expanding and the former is due to submit some new proposals on the application of ICT technology and Internet of Things to the municipality.

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