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Iran the ‘Most Dynamic’ Asian Nation in ICT Sector

Iran the ‘Most Dynamic’ Asian Nation in ICT SectorIran the ‘Most Dynamic’ Asian Nation in ICT Sector
In the past decade in Iran there has been a sustained growth in the availability of communications, led by growth in mobile communications and, more recently, by the introduction of third and fourth generation mobile telecommunication technologies

The latest data on ICT development from International Telecommunication Union shows continued progress in connectivity and use of information and communications technologies in Iran.

The report names Iran “the most dynamic country” in terms of ICT Development Index (IDI) value in Asia. Iran’s 0.54-point improvement from 5.04 to 5.58 points (out of 10) has enabled a rise of four positions in the global ranking. According to IDI 2017 report published on ITU’s official website, Iran ranks 81 globally and 12th in Asia.

Furthermore, the report indicates that on the global level the most substantial improvements in IDI value were in Namibia, Iran, and Gabon.

Based on data from the end of 2016, the IDI report ranks the performance of 176 economies with regard to ICT infrastructure, use and skills based on internationally comparable data and agreed methodologies between the member states of ITU.

Some of the indicators included in the IDI are relative numbers of fixed and mobile telephone subscriptions, households with a computer and Internet access, average Internet bandwidth per Internet user, the percentage of individuals using the Internet, relative number of fixed-broadband and mobile-broadband Internet subscriptions along mean years of schooling which include courses in ICT skills.

According to the report, Iran has shown significant improvement in every aspect of ICT development index with a particularly high rate of improvement (68.7%) in the number of mobile-broadband subscriptions per 100 people, as well as notable improvement in Internet users and households with Internet access.