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Online Retailer Offers Legally-Imported iPhone X

Online Retailer Offers Legally-Imported iPhone XOnline Retailer Offers Legally-Imported iPhone X

Media Pardazesh, a local tech firm, has announced it has brought Apple’s new iPhone X (known as iPhone 10) legally into the local market.

Handsets are offered via Digikala, Iran’s leading ecommerce retailer, local technology website ICTNA reported.

It is priced at 65.6 million rials ($1,641) and 75.75 million rials ($1,893) for two capacity options 64GB and 256G, respectively. The same two models are priced at $999 and $1,149 on Apple’s official website.

The official presale of iPhone X was globally launched on October 27 and shipped to the US on November 3.  The cell phone’s presence in Iran has been a subject of controversy since then. Apple does not have an official representative in the country. However, some local dealers started presales without import permits, charging a whopping 130 to 270 million rials ($3,250 to $6,750) for iPhone X.

At the time of arrival in the local market, iDevices are almost always priced significantly higher than in international markets, but charging customers such outrageous amounts for visibly nonexistent goods is unprecedented.

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