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New Influencer Marketing Service Introduced

New Influencer Marketing Service IntroducedNew Influencer Marketing Service Introduced

A local startup has launched a website offering advertising services to online retailers through ‘Influencer Marketing’.

The website ‘’ (adept in Persian) makes use of social media applications like Telegram and Instagram for promoting products, local technology website WEBNA reported.

It is a form of marketing in which the focus is on influential people on social media networks rather than the market as a whole. The website identifies people with meaningful impact on potential buyers and orients marketing activities around them.

However, Kaardorost faces stiff competition from other online advertisement agencies as well as freelancers who ‘lease’ their accounts to certain brands on a case-by-case basis. is another thriving website which is delivering similar services to brands.

But the market’s potential remains excessively high and firms have become more interested in this new sub-genre of marketing as it targets the young tech-savvy population, who have tended to turn away from traditional forms of advertisement like TV and banner ads on websites.


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