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Iranian Company Says Will Help Startups Succeed

New Company Says Will  Help Startups Succeed New Company Says Will  Help Startups Succeed

A website dedicated to helping startup entrepreneurs comprehend the burgeoning industry will go live in the coming weeks.

According to the website of the future company Ideh Pardazan (IPE), the site will help new businesses avoid pitfalls that afflict the industry, according to Iran’s Website News Agency.

The community-based website hopes to help expand knowledge in the industry as well propel existing businesses into selling goods and services online.

One key objective of the site is to “prevent startups from failing,” a tall order given the inherent challenges and 90% failure rate in the industry.

Financial Tribune reached out to the founder of the website, Vahid Khosravi, to learn more about his plans. He did not  comment.

The US Fortune magazine says the main reasons that startups fail is because “they make products no one wants.” It said a careful survey of failed startups showed that the single biggest reason for the failure of 42% of those identified was “lack of a market need for their product.”

According to Soheil Nazari, marketing manager of the site, speaking to WEBNA earlier, “website owners have many questions to ask.”

He said “startup enthusiasts in marketing can put their questions and ideas to the founders of the website, and  industry professionals can and should respond.”

He hoped the new website would have a positive impact “via its video and textual training materials” so that new startups can flourish.

The IPE website is the latest entrant in a string of locally developed websites looking to train local business owners in the need for and benefits of a functioning digital economy.

Another website selling similar services and actively training business owners, called (How to) was launched last month.

That site differs from the new IPE site by giving local businesses e-strategies and offering localized versions of international business strategies on video.




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