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Nintendo Switch in Local Stores

Nintendo Switch in Local StoresNintendo Switch in Local Stores

After a couple months of delay and with little fanfare, Nintendo’s new Switch console hit the Iranian market. The Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console since the Nintendo Wii was released more than a decade ago. It is on sale for 15 million rials ($400), according to price comparison website citing online e-commerce store. The price in Iran is not much more than in other countries. In the US it is sold for $389. Since its birth in the 1980s Nintendo has never had a representative in Iran. Despite this sales and marketing handicap, it appears there are several online fan groups of the brand, including Iranian Instagram groups. Disc games are, however, few and far between in the local  market, but those with relatives abroad can buy gift cards where they can download direct from the Nintendo Shop. Nintendo stores do not accept e-payment via Iranian systems like Shetab.

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