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GPS App Makes a Splash

GPS App Makes a SplashGPS App Makes a Splash

Persian-language navigation mobile application ‘Locs’ is fast becoming the de facto GPS navigator for Iranians thanks to several unique features.

The navigator, developed by a knowledge-based group, Tookan Tech, has gained more than 160,000 downloads barely four months after release on local download website Café Bazaar, Webna reported.

There are many foreign GPS-based apps like Google Maps, Waze and others, however, Waze was blocked in late 2016 leaving the road open for local competition.

Locs has made it easy to find destinations in every city with the help of "crowd sourcing" that make locating speed cameras and places of interest easier to find.

As advanced as the technology is, the app, just like others, has had a margin of error, like locations are sometimes a few meters off the map.  

However, according to Milad Noori, the developer of the app, the "added" feature, which allows users to alter streets and sights, gives a more localized experience.

Google Maps blocked its user-generated content in 2015 due to many users defacing sights on maps.

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