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Iranian Company Launches E-Learning App

Iranian Company Launches E-Learning AppIranian Company Launches E-Learning App

A knowledge-based startup Raya Pardazesh Hooshmand Amirkabir has launched an e-learning software to promote digital educational communications.

Backed by Amir Kabir University, the software called 'Nima' enables companies and organizations to provide online classes and conferences to their employees, IRNA reported.

Nima targets companies and organizations looking for an online system to educate employees unlike several businesses that target home users with specific online classes.

In addition to the University of Amir Kabir, several other national academic centers have made use of the system, namely University of Mazandaran, Academic Center of Education and Research, Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran, Kosar Credit Institution. Car companies are also using the software, namely the major automotive company Bahman Group.

The software is multi-platform and can be used on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Users of the software need to have access to Internet with speeds higher than 128 kb/s.

The software offers a desktop sharing option for teaching, meaning teachers can access students screens if needed.

It also offers the students and teachers with an option to create private forums.

Teachers can upload notes and comments about the possible time of the class and other topics.

Furthermore, the users can chat with each other via the software. It also offers file sharing services along with video conferences and voice communication.

Several local knowledge-based firms have launched their own take on e-learning in recent years and  many are backed by university accelerator programs.

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