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Second Malware Attack Hits Iran

Second Malware Attack Hits IranSecond Malware Attack Hits Iran

The Computer Emergency Response Coordination Center (MAHER), affiliated to the Telecoms Ministry, said new malware attacks have been reported on university servers across Iran.

The attacks, hitting servers during the past couple of weeks, were mostly carried out against vulnerable Windows operating systems; however, no data corruption has been observed so far, according to MAHER.

In the past two months, amid the so-called "WannaCry" attacks across the globe, Iran was also hit with several government organizations and private business going down.

The attacks, which mainly targeted hospitals and medical centers, infiltrated an estimated 2,000 computers though the threat was foiled by the special center.

MAHER urged software developers and those having online payment services to check their anti-virus software and make sure everything is updated.

Most computers in Iran run unofficial versions of the Windows operating system making computers vulnerable to hacking attempts due largely to the lack of updated versions of the system.


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