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Imports of 21 Tech Products Banned

Imports of 21 Tech Products BannedImports of 21 Tech Products Banned

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has banned the import of 21 technological products, said Deputy Telecoms Minister Barat Qanbari, noting that all communication operators are obliged to observe the new guidelines.

Iranian firms have easily circumvented US sanctions placed on technology firms over the past decade by using third-party companies and shipping directly from China to meet the demands of the country’s large ICT sector.

However, the new rules put in place this week add an extra hurdle, albeit from inside Iran.

“According to the [Import] Code on Information Technology equipment issued to [state] organizations and industry bodies, Iranian technology firms must meet the new criteria,” Qanbari was quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency.

Such codes and instructions are aimed at supporting domestic firms as per the guidelines of “Resistance Economy” issued by the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seuued Ali Khamenei two years ago.

Resistance Economy is a set of principles aimed at curbing the economy’s dependence on oil export revenues, improving productivity and reduce the government’s role in the economy to make the country immune to trade wars waged by foreign powers. Qanbari reiterated that all imported products in the field of science and technology are required to meet Iranian standards.

“Surveys show that 21 types of goods related to telecommunications must be produced within the country’s borders. Hence, their import has been banned by the Telecoms Ministry,” he said. Such goods can be manufactured by knowledge-based firms either in Iran’s private or public sectors.

Responding to Financial Tribune, the Telecoms Ministry handed the names of the 21 goods.

Iran has several special economic zones across the country where foreign firms can create assembly lines to create products for sale in Iran and for export.

Firms like South Korea’s LG have previously promoted the sale of “smart” televisions in the country in such a fashion. The government offers incentives to foreign firms looking to invest in the country.



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