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Isfahan Co. Produces 3D Prosthetic Limb

Isfahan Co. Produces 3D Prosthetic Limb Isfahan Co. Produces 3D Prosthetic Limb

A knowledge-based firm in Isfahan has manufactured the first prosthetic leg in the country using 3D printing technology, which is said to be waterproof and has antiskid properties.

The new 3D-printed prosthesis created by Parsian Technical Orthopedics Center has eliminated deficiencies of traditional prosthesis the center says, Tavana, a magazine for the disabled reported.

With 3D printers, it is possible to manufacture a single product without the need for metal molds that are used in traditional prosthetic limbs, reducing the costs substantially.

The 3D-printed technology will help the disabled person in a better way than the traditional artificial limbs, says the team behind the project.

3D-printed prostheses have significant flexibility and the capacity to tolerate heavy weight. They are also more usable in the sense that each individual part can be modeled for each client’s posture and weight.

The company has manufactured the product using PLA filament, which makes it possible to print durable, high-impact strength artificial body parts. It also does not have any metal components.

While several advanced prosthesis, such as carbon fiber products, are common in the world, they are expensive.

The firm also claimed it is planning mass production of 3D limbs. It held a 3D show late April which included about 30 companies such as 3DFast, Sizan, iDesign, Rahimian, APA and Noura Layeh Negar.

3D printing, like many other new forms of engineering, is fast becoming popular in the science field.  

The government has made efforts in this direction by dedicating a new division at the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology for the development of 3D manufacturing technology.


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