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New Platform Promoting B2B Trade

New Platform Promoting  B2B TradeNew Platform Promoting  B2B Trade

Payk-e Farzaneh Pooyan, a science-based firm in Fars Science and Technology Park in Shiraz, has launched a new Internet service to boost export of goods and services from Iran.

Farzaneh Daneshmand, chairperson of the company, said the service called Cheegel, is an Internet marketplace focusing on indexing, introduction, sale and export of goods, Mehr News Agency reported.

Some of the goals of the business-to-business platform have been established under the policies of Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) of Iran.

“The goals include promotion of export and foreign trade, improve knowledge and technology, enhance domestic business capacities, help reduce the trade deficit, and supervision to foster economic interaction with the outside world.”

Cheegel’s platform is available in 20 languages according to the site’s developer. With the webiste using three sales models, namely, domestic retail and cross-border wholesale.

Daneshmand also said the new platform is designed to meet the requirements of users in different countries.

She expressed hope that with its infrastructure it could attract more than 15 million subscribers within 5 years.

Business-to-Business online stores have somehow remained elusive and even the current major players have not managed to make a mark in a meaningful sense.

However, two years ago a new platform named was launched listing hundreds of companies within specific  sections with the aim of connecting Iranian business with the outside world, similar to what did for Chinese businesses over a decade ago.


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