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Move to Set Up New Iranian Guild for Online Business 'Illegal'

Move to Set Up New Iranian Guild for Online Business 'Illegal'Move to Set Up New Iranian Guild for Online Business 'Illegal'

Director of the ICT Guild Organization Naser-Ali Sa’adat, has criticized a move by the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade to establish a specialized guild for online businesses, calling it illegal.

As per law, all online businesses must receive their permits only from the ICT Guild, he said, stressing that the creation of a new guild would be against the law, local news website WEBNA reported.  

Sa’adat referred to clauses in Iran’s laws on guilds saying that the only legal way online businesses can get a working permit is through the ICT Guild.

He reiterated that nobody is allowed to interpret the law to their advantage, and should there be need for revisions or amendments, only the Majlis (Parliament) has the authority to do so.  

His remarks came in the wake of the ministry’s recent decision to create a specialized guild for companies active in the online sector.

The High Commission for Supervision of Guilds — which is headed by the industries minister — has been tasked with the establishment of the new body.

Businesses active in the sector have been asked to register for membership through the new guild, a process currently supervised by the ICT Guild.

Sa’adat had previously opposed the idea saying, “The creation of the new guild will lead to irreversible harm to the sector.”

However, others in the field while criticizing government oversight of the guild, have adopted a fairly moderate stance.

Director of Iran Online Businesses Guild, Reza Olfatnasab, believes that instead of boycotting the new guild, professionals active in the sector should join it and try to draw on the opportunities the new organization will offer.

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