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Motorbike Delivery App Makes Tempting Offer

Motorbike Delivery App Makes Tempting OfferMotorbike Delivery App Makes Tempting Offer

The director of a recently-launched motorbike delivery app has claimed his couriers earn four times the average national income using the new internet based service. Mehdi Nayebi, wrote on his personal Twitter account, “Our #couriers make up to 4x the average national income” without providing any evidence to the claim. The CEO’s comments follow a Tweet by AloPeyk’s official account which says in Persian, “You can earn up to 200,000 Tomans (2 million rials) every day working for our service.”  Speaking with the Financial Tribune Nayebi said, “We have hundreds of couriers hitting that number...daily.” The claims by the company may not be without merit, as previous gossip with drivers of Tap30 and Snapp (two ride-hailing companies) suggest they can earn anything up to 100 million rials per month ($2,666) through the ride-hailing service. Self-employment driving and delivery apps are becoming big business in Iran, with old-school organizations like the Tehran Taxi Association launching competition services like Carpino to claw back some of their lost earnings.



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