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2 New Online Services Launched

2 New Online Services Launched2 New Online Services Launched

Following the increasing pattern of online shops and services on the Persian-language Internet, two new websites have been launched recently -- one of them offering services unheard of. The first new website to be highlighted is that sells fruit and confectionery packs to organizers of funerals among other events, the local website news agency WEBNA reported on Sunday. The packages — which depend on customers’ preference can be made of paper or plastic — contain refreshments customary at formal gatherings. Buyers can customize their orders choosing from a list of fruits, drinks and confectioneries. This is the first time that an online business is offering the service. The second website sells seafood. For now its list of the goods is not big but it has promised that more will be offered soon. The sector-specific website looks to use the power of social media application to boost its online presence with the help of Telegram Messenger. The website also won an Internet award for being the “most unique online store” according to the home page of the site.




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