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Irancell Launches 4.5G Capable Modem

Irancell Launches 4.5G Capable ModemIrancell Launches 4.5G Capable Modem

MTN-Irancell, Iran’s second biggest mobile network operator by size has begun distribution of its first 4.5G portable modem capable of speeds of 300Mbs. The rollout of the new tech comes only one month after the partly South African-owned mobile network tested the modem at Iran’s Telecoms Ministry on February 8, according to a press release from the firm. The new modem dubbed the ‘CA60’ is capable of offering WiFi and is “able to carry 32 separate users at once.” “CA60 can be used for 10 hours continuously with 500 hours standby duration, thanks to its low power usage.” No independent authority has yet checked MTN-Irancell’s claim the modem can last on standby for 500 hours. Meanwhile, the firm’s biggest competitor, Mobile Communications of Iran, has announced that it too started rolling out its 4.5G network in recent weeks.

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