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Iranian Website Offers a Helping Hand

Iranian Website Offers a Helping HandIranian Website Offers a Helping Hand is an encyclopedia-like site that teaches people how to fix a wide range of home fixtures and electronics. The website offers manuals on “life tips”, like how to clean stains from a carpet or cook rice. It also covers topics like farming and auto repair, the local news agency WEBNA reported Sunday on March 5. The locally produced site covers electronics. It has a computer section, mobile phones section and the like. In the computer section, for instance, it offers a guide for assembling desktop computers, but the information is relatively outdated. Unlike its foreign prototype iFixit, it charges users for the tips it offers. StepHelp claims that it employs “professionals” to write its articles and manuals. The  fee is relatively low (between fifty cents to $2). It currently offers 1,262 manuals. It also has a Telegram channel — a messaging application which is widely used as a social media platform in Iran.


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