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Russian Church Slams Social Media as 'Disease'

Russian Church Slams Social Media as 'Disease'Russian Church Slams Social Media as 'Disease'

Russia's Orthadox Church has weighed into the debate about social media websites and applications saying those who crave social media attention suffer from a "real disease".

The head of Russia's church, Patriarch Kirill, said that young people were willing to risk their lives in a bid to win approval from their online peers, according to Interfax News Agency.

Kirill's comments follow several reports in the global media of young Russians travelling around the world attempting death-defying stunts like dangling off a skyscraper in Dubai to take photos or 'selfies' of themselves.

“Some young people see no purpose in life except to get likes,” Kirill told worshippers at Moscow’s Epiphany Cathedral. “If they have no other aim, then we should see that as a tragedy,” The Moscow Times reported the cleric as saying to worshippers in an English translation of the Russian report.

"Civilization is going in the wrong direction,” he told the congregation.

Russia's tech sector is growing at an exceptional rate, with foreign investors giving funds to social media websites like to grow their footprint in that society.

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