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Sony Releases Startling Smartphone at Mobile Congress in Barcelona

Sony Releases Startling Smartphone  at Mobile Congress in BarcelonaSony Releases Startling Smartphone  at Mobile Congress in Barcelona

Many new phones have been released at this year Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but one new phone is getting journalists and tech enthusiasts over excited.

Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium is the latest high-end mobile released from the Japanese company and comes with the first mobile camera that can film at up to 960 frames per second, according to ClickOnline.

The new filming mechanism was made possible by a new type of image sensor that has its own built-on memory, giving the phone the extra capacity to film at a higher frame rate.

The Xperia XZ Premium is the latest edition of the sub-range which looks to take on the likes of Apple and Samsung with its new ‘killer feature.’

The technology uses a three-layer stacked sensor fitted with one gigabit of dynamic random access memory, which allows the camera to act independently of the phones main processing power.  

Sony has faced a struggle in recent years falling further behind Korean and Chinese phone makers who sell cheaper phones with the same specifications.

“Despite this being one of the best devices at MWC, I don’t see it changing Sony’s fortunes,” commented Francisco Jeronimo, from the market research firm IDC.

“If you go through Sony’s financial statements you can see it now makes more money from selling phone cameras to its competitors than selling its own smartphones, which is quite remarkable.

 Smart Projector

Among other devices released at this year’s show, Sony’s Xperia Touch projector was the latest released technology by the company.  The device runs Android and projects a moving image onto a wall or table in 720 pixels, meaning it offers near HD screen options.

The price is likely to put many people off as it will cost €1,499 when it goes on sale in Europe and Japan.

It is not clear if and when the new Sony cell phone will make it to Iran, but considering many other items are smuggled into the country through grey imports one or two may appear in Tehran’s several technology malls – sans warrantee.

Sony smartphone sales have dwindled in recent years and it sold half as many smartphones in 2016 than in the previous year. Over the past decade the company has moved into several new areas to earn more money, including insurance and movie production.



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