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AT&T To Launch 5G Networks in US

AT&T To Launch 5G Networks in US AT&T To Launch 5G Networks in US

American telecoms operator, AT&T is to launch its first so-called "5G Evolution Markets" in the cities of Austin and Indianapolis in the coming months. The new networks will offer a peak-speed of 500Mbps, the company states adding that as additional technologies come on line that speed could double, US technology site quoted an AT&T press release as saying on February 3. The wireless network rollout is part of a larger platform dubbed AT&T Network 3.0 Indigo and will be the first US network to roll out the new generation technology in the coming months. John Donovan, chief strategy officer and group president of AT&T’s Technology and Operations Division, said they see Indigo as the third generation of modern networking that is a living, evolving and upgradeable platform. The news of the rollout follows discussions by that company with power companies to trial a new technology called Project AirGig, which will utilize antennas on top of existing power cables. 


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