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Iranians Develop Firefighting Drone

Iranians Develop Firefighting Drone
Iranians Develop Firefighting Drone

Engineers at a knowledge-based company affiliated to Sharif University of Technology, has been able to build a firefighting drone that relies on indigenous technology.

The unmanned aerial vehicle which is named Hodhod3 is a multirotor drone capable of performing vertical maneuvers. Multirotors or multicopters are rotorcrafts with more than two rotors. An advantage of the model is the simpler mechanics required for flight control.

An official with the company, Mostafa Hassanpanah told ICTNA that the drone has been designed to help put out forest fires. It can also be used for inspection by firefighters and assessment of power lines.

Hassanpanah said use of cutting edge technology, low price and relying exclusively on indigenous technology differentiate Hodhod3 from other similar drones.

“Other notable features of Hodhod3 are synchronous data transmission, full-automatic flight to designated bases in emergency situations and automatic landing.”

The drone weighs 5.3 kilograms. The relatively light design allows for the drone to take off from the palm of a hand.

Hodhod3 has been designed to withstand harsh conditions and in case one of the rotors fails, Hodhod3 would still be able to fly by using its other engine.

The drone also has night vision cameras which make it suitable for nocturnal operations.

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