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Internet Disruption Reported

Internet Disruption Reported Internet Disruption Reported

New data released by Dyn Research Corporation says that 53 internet networks in Iran had a momentary outage on December 3, hampering the first day of the Iranian business week. The Telecoms Ministry responded to the internet stoppages saying they did not happen, the ministry’s website said on the same day. Of the hundreds of networks operating in the country, 53 of them, both landline and over-the-air had an interruption period starting at 14:25 local time, which represents 1% of the total network infrastructure in the country. Over the past few days, local internet group Respina & Beyond reported several other incidents of outages across the country with the worst such events happening on December 2  at 16:29, no official explanation was given for the disconnection at this time either, the US-based Internet-monitoring company said. The Statistical Center of Iran reported in October that 13.5 million or 55.5% of Iranian households (11.2 million or 82.8% of the public and 2.3 million or 17.2% of rural) had access to the Internet at home in the last fiscal year that ended in March.


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