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Iranian Parcel Delivery App Launched

The app developers have said that they will rate the delivery people themselves in later updates.
The app developers have said that they will rate the delivery people themselves in later updates.

In a metropolis such as Tehran, motorbikes are commonly used as a means of transportation and also for parcel delivery services. They are the fastest and most convenient method for getting a package from one point to the other-- in the process of which they also drive pedestrians insane since most often they use pavements to beat the road traffic.

However, the app, Ba Peyk, intends to digitize the service and has the traditional motorbike delivery services in its line-of-sight, local technology website Digiato reported.

Developed by Ronak Andishan, this new service connects the customer with a delivery driver that can be anything from a motorbike to a pickup, depending on the size of the package.

Aside from the capital Tehran, the application is available in most major cities such as Karaj, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tabriz.

The difference between this app and ride-hailing platform Snapp, for example, is that Ba Peyk does not hire the delivery people; they are simply users of the application who have chosen to register as delivery persons.

In other words, Ba Peyk cannot be held responsible for what happens to customers’ packages, and it does not directly monitor the deliveryman.

What is unique about Ba Peyk is that it uses crowdsourcing techniques and users can rate the delivery people giving them one to five stars and also write reviews.

The app developers have said that they will evaluate the delivery people themselves in later updates, however, for the moment it is user generated.

The new service still has some problems such as the lack of delivery drivers in cities other than Tehran. The app is currently only available for download on Café Bazaar, Iran’s most famous local Android store. 

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