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France Urged to Expedite Work on Iran's ICT Projects

France Urged to Expedite Work on ICT ProjectsFrance Urged to Expedite Work on ICT Projects

Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi met with French Ambassador to Iran Francois Senemaud on November 17.

In the meeting, Vaezi called for accelerating agreements reached between Iran and France during President Hassan Rouhani’s 2016 visit to France, ICT press reported on November 22.

The Iranian minister highlighted that French firms might take part in a technology exhibition scheduled for later this year in Tehran.

“In the past few months, we have held productive talks with French firms and memoranda of understanding have been signed following President Hassan Rouhani’s trip to France, which must be followed up and finalized,” he said.

Vaezi stressed the importance of removing baking obstacles between the two sides, which have slowed post-sanctions trade between the two republics.

“The private sector of both countries is eager to expand collaboration in this field,” he added.

Senemaud said agreements in the areas of technologies would benefit both sides.

He noted that the French banking delegation, which had traveled to Iran recently, has met with several Iranian firms.

The French ambassador announced that French satellite company, Eutelsat, is eager to cooperate with the Iranian Space Agency soon to provide satellite coverage for local enterprises.

“The company is now busy preparing a proposal to put out a tender for building a satellite,” he said.    

Senemaud noted that the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry and the country’s technology sector invited Vaezi to France to accelerate the implementation of projects.

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