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Industrial Knowledge-Based Firms on the Rise

Industrial Knowledge-Based Firms on the RiseIndustrial Knowledge-Based Firms on the Rise

Iran has a total of 2,715 knowledge-based businesses, 239 of which are industrial companies, said an official affiliated with the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade.

According to Hassan Aqa-Kassiri, the head of the ministry’s Technology Development and Advanced Industries Center, industrial knowledge-based firms have grown over the past two years in Iran, IRNA reported.

The official said the idea for industrial knowledge-based companies was initially proposed by the High Council of Science, Research and Technology in 2014.

“In no more than six months, 34 industrial firms were registered as knowledge-based companies,” he said.

In the following year, 156 such companies signed up, indicating a 4.6% growth. By October 1, 2016, a total of 239 industrial knowledge-based businesses were registered in the country.

Industrial knowledge-based firms account for 7% of all the knowledge-based companies in Iran, yet the former registers 72% of the entire sales of knowledge-based products.

Aqa-Kassiri noted that industrial knowledge-based firms draw upon specialized human resources, create steady jobs and generate higher added value.

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